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Membership Information

All New Jersey registered Democratic voters are welcome to join the PCDO. There are two membership types:
PCDO Membership (with full voting privileges)
Must be a currently registered Democrat residing in the Municipality of Princeton.

Affiliate Membership (non-voting, fully participatory)
Must be currently registered Democrat in the State of New Jersey.

Dues are not required, and all NJ registered Democrats are welcome to participate.
There are many important programs and and initiatives helping to promote Democratic ideals and foster community, which wouldn't be possible without contributions from the membership. Your donation will help ensure the PCDO can continue to deliver this vital and timely programming. Please make a contribution to the PCDO at a level meaningful to you.

Encouraged contributions of $15 (or more) are very much welcome and appreciated.

Both PCDO Members and Affiliate Members are welcome to attend all forums and events, and take part in all activities and committee work.

If you enjoy politics and good government, join the PCDO today. Membership carries no obligation to participate, and there are those who join simply to be kept in the loop on Democratic events and news, and register their support for the Democratic Party.


Monthly Membership Meetings: The PCDO has regular monthly meetings featuring a variety of speakers on local and national issues. General membership meetings are free and open to the public. We welcome visitors.

Social Events: We have a politics book club and several social events at which members come together to enjoy each other's company and mutual interests.

Candidate Forums: The PCDO is the largest one most respected community based Democratic organization in NJ. Democratic candidates at all levels find value in presenting their ideas and hearing from the PCDO membership. Candidate forums often include an opportunity for voting members to help endorse candidates, which helps increase visibility and attention on candidates who best share our collective values.

Activism and Engagement on Progressive Issues: Through our email list, we notify members of upcoming political events and volunteer opportunities. We have hosted a volunteer headquarters for presidential candidates and anticipate doing so again for the next presidential election.