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PCDO Resolution on Race, Justice and Equality
Posted on 6/30/2020 9:00 AM

PCDO Resolution on Race, Justice and Equality

WHEREAS, the members of the Princeton Community Democratic Organization, along with our greater Princeton community, denounce acts of hatred and racism;

WHEREAS, the legacy of U.S. slavery continues to poison our country’s ability to function as a true democracy with equality for all;

WHEREAS, systemic racism and hatred have permeated our institutions and limited our ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness regardless of the color of our skin;

WHEREAS, police use of deadly force in this country against Black people and all people of color is abhorrent and intolerable;

WHEREAS, the psychological impact of racism places a burden on all of us, and we will not tolerate hatred or racism through indifference or silence;

THEREFORE, we resolve:

  1. To speak up and not be silent when we see/hear racist, xenophobic, or other hateful word/actions;
  2. To use our votes and voices and economic choices to combat racism in our society and all of our institutions;
  3. To engage in dialogue with law enforcement, elected officials and policy makers to assure zero tolerance for racial bias, harassment, or harm;
  4. To work to ensure the police across the State of New Jersey engage in de-escalation, implicit and unconscious bias training;
  5. To work to ensure that all departments across the government of the State of New Jersey, including courts, schools, prisons, and jails, engage in implicit and unconscious bias training;
  6. To work to hold all candidates accountable for their position on systemic racism;
  7. To encourage continued study, discussion and action on the roots and impacts of systemic racism in our community;
  8. To act with urgency to encourage all eligible voters to exercise their responsibility to vote for candidates that pledge to work to eliminate systemic racism and remedy its disastrous effects.


June 3, 2020

The Princeton Community Democratic Organization


Founded in 1965, the PCDO and its membership represents and advances the interests of the Democratic Party in Princeton. It is a forum for discussion relating to public questions on all levels of government and society, and action to influence better-informed and sound policy decisions.

April 7, 2020
Jean Durbin, President